Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga



Why Corporate Yoga?

We know you care about your employees, and we also know you care about the bottom line. Bringing yoga to your workplace uniquely positions you to support both your employees’ well-being and your bottom line. Here’s how:

Reduces Absenteeism & Illness

Helps employees manage stress and/or depression & anxiety

Improves overall health and physical well-being

Increases physical energy and vitality

Reduces pain from repetitive injuries and chronic conditions

Increases Productivity & Morale

Helps employees manage stress

Enhances clarity, focus and creative thinking

Improves communication skills

Cultivates leadership and teamwork

Increases overall effectiveness in the workplace

Decreases Workplace Injuries

Improves posture and flexibility

Manages and improves chronic health conditions that lead to injuries

Improves employee balance, concentration and strength

Yoga Retreats

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga


Yoga Retreats are a wonderful way to connect with yourself and others. Host one of your retreat for friends with our Retreat Packages or join us on our next adventure.

Our Next Retreats

Avalon South Carolina Spring 2020

Floating Leaf Fall 2020

Local Lake Lanier Retreats (year-round)

All retreats include meals, daily yoga and workshops. We schedule ample free time is scheduled for opportunities to lounge or tour the surrounding areas.

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