Online Immersion Training


Online 200 Hour Yoga Immersion

If you've dreamed of an immersive certification for Yoga & Mindfulness but couldn't do it, now is your chance! 

Yoga Alliance-the national yoga teachers network, temporarily allows online methods to complete the contact hours. You will not have to travel to be accredited for yoga. No hours in person are required. 

This is a great chance. 

This software is running on live and one on one classes. 

Flip Your Dog Yoga 200 hour Immersion

 3 live hours a day 5 days a week for 10 weeks

You must be able via conference video and have reliable internet.
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Upcoming Training starts May 25, 2020

Classes are held 

Tuesday ~ Friday 5 pm ~ 8pm 

Saturday 9 am ~ 12 pm

Pay in Full by May 20, 2020

Get  15% off training tuition if paid in full by May 20, 2020 or divide into 10 installments.


What is the total cost?

$3000 or $2550 if paid in full by May 20th

How are classes held?

Zoom meetings

What  are the  requirements?

You must have the ability to video conference, reliable internet and have the ability to record your homework and at home sessions for grading and feedback. For the hands on assist and teaching others demonstration; you will need a family member or a Zoom friend to teach and record your practice  and homework sessions for grading.

How does this differ from in~studio training? 

It creates a comfort of home while learning new skills but allows for daily group connection which would not be a possibility in the studio.

Will I receive the same level of training online? 

Yes, we are able to see and communicate with each student and have the ability schedule private sessions with leader trainer more readily online.

Will I get a certifications from Yoga Alliance?

Yes, at this time Yoga Alliance is allowing Yoga Studios to continue their trainings 

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Next training starts April 18, 2020

Are you ready to explore what yoga is all about?

 Flip Your Dog Yoga utilizes 19 years of experience to format 10 monthly modules of in-depth yoga teacher training.
Trainees will learn the following:

· To blend and apply traditional yogic wisdom of Patanjali.​

· The anatomy and lifestyle of the average American Pranayama techniques and mindfulness/meditation.

· To create a cohesive class that heals the body & calms the mind.

· To manage the flow of a class through verbal, physical and energetic direction using music, tone, lighting, and poetic verbiage


Training Dates For Upcoming 200 Hour Yoga Program


April 18 2020

Program Introduction

May 16-17

What is Yoga

June 27-28

Anatomy and Physiology of Asana

July 11-12

Pranayama ~ Science of Yogic breath

August 15-16

Meditation Techniques

September 19-20

Creating space and cohesive class formatting 

October 17-18

Yamas, Niyamas and Afflictions

November 21-22

Beyond Foundation ~ Advanced Postures

December 12-13

Adjustments and Assists

January 16-17

Chakras, Mantras and Mudras

February 20

Testing and Graduation

Training Dates For Upcoming 300 Hour Yoga Program


June 26 ~ 28, 2020

Advanced Yoga Sutras Part 1

July 25 ~ 26

Advanced Yoga Sutras Part 2

September 25~27

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology Part 1

October 23 ~ 25

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology Part 2

November 14 ~ 15

Advanced Asana and Sequencing Part 1

January 22 ~ 24, 2021

Advanced Asana and Sequencing Part 2

February 12 ~ 14

Advanced Pranayama

March 12 ~ 14

Advanced Meditations, Mantras and Mudras Part 1

April 9 ~ 11

Advanced Meditations, Mantras and Mudras Part 2

May 7 ~ 9

Advanced Yoga through the Lifetime of a Woman Part 1

June 11 ~ 13

Advanced Yoga through the Lifetime of a Woman Part 2

July 9 ~ 11

Advanced Assisting and Adjustments

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Find out where yoga can take you...

Teacher training isn't just for instructors, students will deepen their connection to the yoga community and create a lifelong sustainable practice.



Merri Benham

Merri Benham

Merri Benham

I am a lighthearted yogi that sees the playfulness in every asana. I have been teaching and practicing yoga for over a decade and have logged over 20,500 hours of teaching experience. In short, I am a "power yoga" instructor by nature with a love for the inner strength yoga provides.
“Without love, without humor, yoga is just a bunch of hard work" -Steve Ross


Bethany Lord

Merri Benham

Merri Benham

Power Yoga instructor with a sweet tea soul. Bethany's love of play and yoga is felt from head to toe.


Molly Daniel

Merri Benham

Molly Daniel

From High flying Aerial Yoga to the grounded Vinyasa Flow for All Levels, Molly will focus your mind and strengthen your core.


Lindsey Smith

The Vinyasa leader is all about flow. This teacher is athletic, with a magical ability to blend coordination and movement.


Allison Kimbrell

This Vinyasa instructor has a beautiful ability to softly encouraging students to challenge their edge with a feeling of accomplishment.


Sylvia Whitmire

The Hot and Focused this yoga teachers helps you build your strength and cleansing your mind with fewer positions.

More instructors to love...


Christina Barnes

Christina Barnes

Christina Barnes

Faith Based yoga is her love. Sharing her devotion and guiding classes to the love of God through yoga.


Dee Geib

Christina Barnes

Christina Barnes

This Restorative instructor infuses kindness and compassion into every pose assisting a deeper level of relaxation.


Gracie Heinen

Gracie Heinen

Gracie Heinen

Play and balance... well most of the time. Gracie shows her love in her all levels flow classes.

Fun and playful instructor with a powerful heart and practice.

Mauri Berry

Gracie Heinen

Gracie Heinen

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